​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I make partial payments on my tax bill?



If I pay by mail, how do I get a receipt for my payment?

Your cancelled check is your receipt and you can see your payment information on our website treasurer.kanecountyil.gov. Additionally, if you mail in a self-addressed stamped envelope, we will mail you a receipt. 


If I pay my tax bill by mail, do you honor the postmark?

Yes, payments postmarked on or before the due date are considered on-time payments as long as the postmark is date stamped by the post office and not by a metered postal machine. Postmarks are not honored after October 1st.


What should I do if I never received or I lost my tax bill?

If you did not receive a tax bill, or if you lost your tax bill, you can view and print a duplicate copy from our website treasurer.kanecountyil.gov.


I bought my house in the middle of the year.  Why do I have to pay taxes on a whole year?

Taxes are paid one year in arrears. Additionally, the property is what is being taxed, not the individual.  At the time of your closing, the taxes should have been discussed and your agreement would be notated on your closing statement as a prorated tax credit. 


How does my mortgage company know what my property taxes are?

Generally, they will go to the Treasurer's website, print a tax bill and submit it with your payment.  They also may request us to print a duplicate tax bill, contact our office for the payment amount, or track and pay your taxes electronically.


My mortgage company and I both paid the taxes due on the same installment.  Whom will you send the double payment back to?

We will process and apply the first payment we receive.  Any additional, payments will be sent back or refunded to the payer.

I refinanced my mortgage recently, if there is a mix-up and my taxes are not paid on time, how will I know?

You can check the status of your taxes by accessing our website treasurer.kanecountyil.gov or calling our office at 630-232-3565.


My mortgage company holds money in escrow to pay my property taxes.  If they pay them late, who is responsible to pay the penalties and late fees?

Your mortgage company holds your real estate tax money in your escrow.  They are obligated to pay your taxes on time and pay the correct amount.  If a mistake is made, the lender is responsible for all penalties and fees.  These fees are to come out of their corporate account, not your escrow account and must be included when they pay your tax bill.


My mortgage company pays my taxes, why did I get a bill?

Many mortgage companies pay electronically, and do not need a bill. We suggest you contact your mortgage company to confirm how they pay your taxes.  A tax bill is mailed to you for your records.


As a new property owner, I did not live here last year, why did I receive a tax bill?

The taxes remain with the property, regardless of who owns the property. To determine your liability for the payment of taxes, check your closing statement to see if the seller gave you a credit, or contact your attorney.


Can I pre-pay my taxes?

Yes, prepayments are accepted in our office from the first business day of December to the last business day of December. All prepayments must be accompanied by an application form and payment. Forms are available on our website treasurer.kanecountyil.gov in December.  No online payments are accepted. We will only accept payment amounts equal to the prior year's tax. We do not honor postmarks for this process.


Is there a charge for a duplicate copy of my tax bill?

You can print a duplicate tax bill free by accessing our website treasurer.kanecountyil.gov.  If you request us to print a duplicate tax bill there is a $2.00 fee per each duplicate tax bill. 


I do not know my parcel number, how can I get it?

You can find your parcel number on your tax bill.  You can look up your parcel number by your name or property address on the Treasurer's website ​treasurer.kanecountyil.gov​, and your Township Assessor can assist with parcel numbers.


Does a late tax payment or non-payment affect my credit ratings?

No, we do not report late tax payments to any credit bureaus.​