​​​​Kane County Treasurer

As Kane County Board Chairman and your former State Senator, I have had the privilege of serving the residents of Kane County with honesty, competence, and common-sense. I am very proud of my record for serving the people. With your support, I will continue to serve you as Kane County Treasurer – devoting my work to improve the lives of Kane County residents.​​​

The County Treasurer has the duty and power to receive and safely keep the revenue and public monies of the County. The County Treasurer must keep an account of all monies received. The County Treasurer also keeps accounts of all monies paid out, stating the time, to whom payment is made, and on what account payment has been made. The County Board must authorize all payments, or they must be specifically authorized by law. It is also the duty of the County Treasurer to invest and reinvest any funds which are not to be used within 30 days. The County Collector is charged by the County Clerk to collect all of the taxes levied by approximately 270 local taxing bodies within Kane County. Upon receipt of the collector books from the County Clerk, the County Collector prepares tax bills for real estate taxes within the County and mails them to owners of record. Distribution of tax receipts is made at least monthly to the various taxing districts during the collection period. Along with the ​collection of real estate taxes, the County Treasurer also collects the Mobile Home Local Service Tax and administrates for the Department of Revenue the Senior Citizens real estate tax deferral program.​

Chr​istopher J. Lauzen​
Kane County Treasurer

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